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Lymphatic Formula 1000
Lymphatic Formula 1000
Lymphatic Formula 1000
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Lymphatic Formula 1000

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Unlike many look alike products out there, our product is MICRONIZED and PURIFIED for maximal absorption and effectiveness. Don’t flush your money down the toilet.

- 1000mg of MPFF (Micronized Purified Flavonoid Fraction) Complex Blend

-  Flavonoids have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. These capsules help to support the body’s normal lymphatic drainage and lymphatic circulation.

-  Created by a board-certified cardiovascular surgeon.

-  60 capsules/1 month supply

Contains micronized flavonoid, Selenium and Vitamin D3

Gluten Free, Free of milk, shellfish, fish, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, eggs, artificial colors and flavors and preservatives

Manufactured in USA in an FDA registered facility using state of the art German equipment

Micronization is essential for proper gut absorption

Supports normal lymphatic function inpatients with: Lymphedema, Lipedema, Dercum’s Disease, and Edema (Swelling of the legs)



1 month supply of Lymphatic Formula 1000.


"I believe the Lymphatic Formula 1000 has been the key ingredient to help me manage the fluid retention in my left leg. I've struggled with it for years, had veins stripped, wore/wear compression stockings, had CTs of my leg/pelvic veins, etc and we never could really figure out what the problem was. It wasn't until Mike Nellestein MD recommended I call you and get started on Lymphatic Formula 1000. So please pass on to your crew that I appreciate the fact that you have it available and that it's really important to patients like me to get relief. My thanks to your entire team"

  • Lowell K.