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Alex Von Summer

Mr. von Summer graduated from Dartmouth College and spent two years of graduate studies in Japan before working as an analyst for a consulting firm. In the wake of his father’s unexpected passing in 1997, he worked with his father’s partners to run the family-owned commercial real estate business.

In the ensuing years, Mr. von Summer has worked closely with Christopher Tichio on hundreds of business transactions representing companies and investors across every conceivable industry type.

Mr. von Summer has worked as an advisor and investor with numerous early-stage companies to help them incubate and grow. In the wake of the 2007 financial crisis, he and Chris sought to fill a void in the market and provide real estate ownership opportunities to medical practices.

This ambitious venture made possible the friendship and working relationship with Dr. John Chuback. With over thirty-five years of combined experience, Mr. von Summer and Mr. Tichio and have been vital in helping the doctor bring the finest quality vein supplement product to the consumer. This process has been built on mutual respect shared between the three men. On a personal note, Alex understands the importance of preventive health care having twice beaten malignant melanoma. Mr. von Summer’s pride is evident when he says, “This company is about more than just creating and selling a product. This is all about helping people and serving the public. That’s why we insist that only the finest ingredients go into our products. No expense is spared in ensuring that we are manufacturing the best vein supplement available on the market today. As we produce more offerings in the future which support other organ systems, this will always remain our standard and our ethos.”