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Lowell K.

I believe the Lymphatic Formula 1000 has been the key ingredient to help me manage the fluid retention in my left leg. I’ve struggled with it for years, had veins stripped, wore/wear compression stockings, had CTs of my leg/pelvic veins, etc and we never could really figure out what the problem was. My physician recommended I call you and get started on Lymphatic Formula 1000. So please pass on to your crew that I appreciate the fact that you have it available and that it's really important to patients like me to get relief. My thanks to your entire team



Dev Batra, MD – Texas

Offering Vein Formula in our center has led to even greater patient satisfaction.  Happy patients always refer their friends.  It's a great product which really works.  We wouldn't be without it in our practice.


Clint Hayes, MD – Texas

We at the Vein Center of North Texas have been treating chronic venous insufficiency with cutting - edge, minimally - invasive techniques and graduated compression since 2004.  Several years ago, based on evidence accumulating in the medical literature, we implemented dietary supplement with micronized diosmin.  When Vein Formula became available, we adopted it immediately because of their commitment to quality, consistency, and affordability.


Eunice R – Ohio

My doctor recommended Vein Formula to me over a year ago.  Since taking it my swelling has reduced dramatically and I no longer have to wear compression stockings.


Pam S – California

I love Vein Formula.  I can really feel the difference in my legs.  The pain and burning are completely gone. It has helped me so much.  Thank you so much for formulating this product.


Joe Allen – South Carolina

I’ve had Varicose Veins for years and Vein Formula has significantly reduced my symptoms



Beverly Merrick – Nashport, Ohio

I have been taking Vein Formula for several weeks now and the pain in my calf is gone. I am able to exercise now without discomfort.



Donna Reynolds – Daleville, Alabama

I had just turned 49 February 4th 2018 a week later I developed a spot on the inside of my right lower leg, after 60 days of doctors putting me on every pill form of antibiotic in the pharmacy and spent 3 days in the hospital on IV antibiotics nothing got rid of the spot on my leg. I was referred to a vein surgeon in Dothan, Alabama Dr. Pfeffier III. He informed me I had a venous status ulcer on my leg and he wanted me to wear compression stockings and try the Vein Formula Product. I was skeptical but I tried it. After 60 days the ulcer on my leg was gone, I couldn’t believe it, I love this product it REALLY works!! Thank you Vein Formula for your help.



Dev Batra, MD

I have to tell you that patients are having amazing results on the Vein Formula.



Judie Rhed Yim

I’ve already recommended several clients to Vein Formula after taking the supplement for a week. I don’t need to wear compression socks for 12 hour work days! Thanks so much!



Linda-Anne Kahn

I have Lipedema and have also been taking the capsules. It’s a great formula!