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David Wisdom

David has been in the nutritional supplement industry for over twenty years with a focus on international business development. He has worked for some of the top brands in the industry.  Mr. Wisdom says, “many brands are ‘me too’ without originality or true science to back up the products. I found in my two decades of experience that in most cases more money is spent on marketing than providing high quality ingredients, research, and science.”  

David discovered VitasupportMD in 2019 and quickly realized that it was one of the few brands on the market that actually did things the right way. He says, “I was incredibly imprerssed that this company possesses a deep understanding of the scientific literature supporting each ingredient. This ensures a data-driven process to the development of each formulation and the highest quality manufacturing standards. Having a Board-Certified cardiovascular surgeon standing behind VitasupportMD is a strong statement and something that gives added credibility to the brand. This company is clearly very special and, therefore, something I felt I needed to be a part of. It is an exciting opportunity to help bring these products not only to Americans all across the country but also to a worldwide audience in need of excellent nutritional support.”