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Christopher Tichio

Mr. Tichio earned his accounting degree from Siena College in New York. Since graduating, he has had a successful career as a commercial real estate broker for nearly 20 years. Mr. Tichio specializes in large commercial acquisitions and dispositions for various clients throughout the United States.

It was through one of his medical office space transactions that Mr. Tichio met Dr. John Chuback. As a result of the professional and cordial nature of their real estate transaction, Mr. Tichio alongside his business partner Alex von Summer cultivated a close and harmonious friendship with Dr. Chuback.

Some years later, Dr. Chuback shared with Chris and Alex his vision of creating a company which would better serve the needs of the many patients and clients in the community in need of dietary supplements as an adjunct to their overall healthcare. The team felt that such products would enhance the well-being of people everywhere. The men shared a common desire to serve the public, each bringing the expertise needed to transmute such an idea into reality. Hence, BiosupportMD and Vein Formula was born.

It turned out that Mr. Tichio himself had long been a proponent of the very products the company intended to produce and provide. He felt very strongly that much of what was on the market was inferior in its formulation and effectiveness. That motivated him to become personally involved in everything he could about the manufacturing and quality assurance process.

Together, through a truly collaborative approach based on hard work and exhaustive dedication to creating superior formulations, they have introduced to the marketplace an outstanding product. This supplement is meant to address the various vein problems people experience, while only using the most effective ingredients available to the consumer.