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Amy Rivera

Amy Rivera is the Executive Director/Founder of Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema Foundation and most importantly, she is a lymphedema thriver.

Amy was born with an incurable disease called lymphedema that left her immensely disfigured. However, Amy has accomplished the seemingly impossible by developing an activist mindset and feverishly fighting to better her own quality of life through medicine, nutrition, fitness, and faith. Against all odds, she has been able to reverse her disease from the worst known severity to being able to manage it with minimal maintenance.

By facing adversity to the highest level of degree with a rare disease, Amy understands what it is like to be alone, but she took that negative emotion and turned it into a positive by creating a community of laughter, life and education as she discovered how to awaken her inner resilience and take authority over her own life with lymphedema.

Amy believes in living a purpose-driven life that shouldn’t be guided by objectives in our path but rather aligned with our values.