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The Buzz About Propolis

When we talk about honey bees, we think exactly that: honey. We think of the sweet, syrupy, golden-brown substance we put in tea, spread on waffles or drizzle over granola. But what most people don’t realize is that bees produce other amazing and beneficial substances that not only add to the already superb flavor of foods, but also give your body’s immune system the needed support to help it fight off infections and disease. One of these amazing substances is known as propolis.


What is propolis?

Along with pollens from plants and flowers, honey bees harvest sap from evergreens and other coniferous horticulture. Infusing it with their own beeswax, they produce a gummy, brownish-green, wax-like resin and use it to build and protect their hives against parasites and predators. And that’s Propolis! Oftentimes it’s referred to as “Bee Glue.”

Propolis has been revered by man for almost 2500 years in Greek, Roman, Persian and Egyptian civilizations for its medicinal and healing properties, such as in the treatment of wounds, tumors and abscesses. In fact, the Egyptians used it to preserve mummies! And since mummies from that time are in practically pristine condition today, it stands to reason that propolis is a powerful substance indeed!

Even the great philosopher Aristotle was acutely aware of the benefits of propolis and, in fact, coined the word propolis from the Greek words “pro” (meaning “before”) and “polis” (meaning “city”). Put together, they mean “before the city or defender of the city.” How’s that for a descriptive phrase to exemplify the power of propolis!

Generally, propolis can be harvested from bee hives in any part of the world, but typically Brazilian bee hives are preferred due to Brazil’s favorable variables such as climate and the surrounding ecosystem. Brazil, as you may know, is home to baccharis dracunculifolia, the main botanical plant which is sourced by the Brazilian honey bee to make propolis. Propolis from Brazil contains a unique blend of antioxidants and antimicrobials to help fight off disease and support your immune system with more healing compounds not found in propolis produced from European, North American or Chinese bee hives. As such, Brazilian propolis has more antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer properties.


Bioflavonoids in Propolis

Scientific research has identified over 300 compounds in propolis including aliphatic acids, esters, aromatic acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates, aldehydes, amino acids, ketones, chalcones, dihydrochalcones, terpenoids and vitamins. But more importantly, propolis contains flavonoids which have extremely powerful antioxidant properties that support the body’s immune system in the fight against upper respiratory tract infections, sore throats and skin infections among other maladies.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “What is a flavonoid?” Flavonoids occur naturally in almost all fruits, vegetables and herbs. Specifically, flavonoids come from the white rind of citrus fruits (also known as “pith”) and have been shown to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune supporting properties. Flavonoids can also aid in cellular repair and help your body fight infections.


Where can I get Propolis?

VitasupportMD, the leader in bioflavonoids, has two amazing products that contain propolis: Propolis Formula – an awesome-tasting and soothing throat spray – and Bee Formula, an antioxidant-infused superfood honey that is considered “Nature’s Energy Source.”

For daily immune system support, choose Propolis Formula which comes in a handy pump-spray bottle for use at home, on the road or anywhere you would like to enjoy a tasty and soothing throat spray. With the recommended four pumps, two to three times a day, you’ll be getting all the immune-supporting benefits that Propolis Formula has to offer.

For a quick burst of energy along with the benefits of propolis, choose Bee Formula, the superfood honey which can be used in tea, as a complement to oatmeal and granola, or in any recipe that calls for honey. With added guarana, acerola and elderberry, Bee Formula gives you a burst of energy without added sugars or caffeine found in energy shot and coffee drinks.


Why Choose Propolis Products from VitasupportMD?

VitasupportMD’s propolis products are all natural, vegetarian and non-GMO. What’s more, they are gluten-free and contain no additives!

Propolis Formula 100% USDA organic, and both Propolis Formula and Bee Formula are sustainably sourced which helps keep the Brazilian bee population and surrounding ecosystem in perfect harmony.

And both products are produced in FDA-registered facilities adhering to the strictest manufacturing guidelines as dictated by the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP), Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

VitasupportMD is dedicated to bringing you propolis products that are affordable, high in bioflavonoids and beneficial to your health and wellness goals.