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Can You Boost Your Energy Levels Without Sugar and Caffeine?

Let me ask you…when you need a boost of energy, what’s the first thing you go for? A double-shot espresso? An energy drink? Or a candy bar? Well, all those things might give you a quick jolt of vim and vigor, but they all do so at the cost of high caffeine and sugar intake to the body, and for most people this is not desirable. Caffeine can cause increased heart rates while sugar adds unwanted calories…and all for a burst of energy that might last an hour or two at best.

But what if I told you that you can get the same high-energy boost from a natural product that doesn’t rely on the need for sugar or caffeine, and that is also an excellent complement to many of the foods you already eat? Now, what if I also told you that you could get a high amount of antioxidant power to help support your immune system at the same time? Well, you can with Bee Formula Superfood Honey.


What Makes Superfood Honey So Super?

While other energy drinks and foods rely on caffeine and sugar, Bee Formula Superfood Honey relies on five natural ingredients: guarana, elderberry, acerola, bee pollen and propolis. It’s this combination of natural ingredients that unleashes high-octane power into your body to give you more stamina and heightened cognition. Here’s how each one of these remarkable ingredients contributes to the “super” in Bee Formula Superfood Honey…



Guarana (paullinia cupana) is a plant native to the Amazon basin and its seeds are used to make many different extracts that can increase your energy level, improve stamina and sharpen your mental acuity. Although guarana does contain caffeine, there are varieties that are caffeine-free and rely more on theophylline and theobromine for stimulative effects. (Bee Formula guarana is caffeine-free!) And if taken with a combination of vitamin B and C, guarana has been shown to increase resistance to exercise fatigue, and this means you can go longer and faster without slowing down – a characteristic essential for those who are trying to lose weight. And with antioxidants such as tannins, saponins and catechins, guarana has an ingredient profile similar to green tea which we all know is an extremely beneficial antioxidant.



Acerola is a small, shrub-like bush native to Central America, northern South America, Mexico and the Caribbean which produces berries that are high in vitamin C and A, and contain a plethora of phytonutrients like flavonoids. In fact, the vitamin C content of acerola ranges from 1500 to 4500mg, which is almost 50 to 100 times more than an orange! As such, acerola is an excellent antioxidant and helps boost your immune system. The benefits of vitamin C are many, and they include building collagen and increasing the elasticity of the body’s venous system. Along with vitamin C, acerola also contains calcium, iron, niacin (B3), phosphorous, riboflavin (B2) and thiamine (B1).



Stemming from the berries of the European elder tree (sambucus nigra), elderberry is one of the most commonly harvested plants for medicinal purposes. High in vitamin C, elderberry is believed to help fight colds and flu. In small-scale studies, people who took elderberry in lozenge or syrup form noted a reduction of flu symptoms. With ample amounts of vitamin A, potassium and iron, elderberry also has antioxidant benefits and is an excellent source of flavonoids.


Bee Pollen and Propolis 

Along with pollens from plants and flowers, honey bees harvest sap from evergreens and other coniferous horticulture. Infusing it with their own beeswax, they produce a gummy, brownish-green, wax-like resin and use it to build and protect their hives against parasites and predators. And that’s Propolis! Oftentimes referred to as “Bee Glue,” propolis contains flavonoids which have extremely powerful antioxidant properties that support the body’s immune system in the fight against upper respiratory tract infections, sore throats and skin infections among other maladies.

Bee pollen is a combination of flower pollen, honey, nectar and enzymes that are abundant in nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and lipids, not to mention over 250 active ingredients. Bee pollen is also bursting with antioxidants which protect your body against free radicals. Studies have shown that bee pollen can boost your body’s liver and immune function, reduce inflammation, and can help lower cholesterol which is beneficial to persons suffering from heart disease. But perhaps the most significant benefit of bee pollen is that it helps improve nutrient utilization, which means better absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body.


So, Am I Supposed to Drink a Bottle of Bee Formula Superfood Honey?

 Hey, whatever floats your boat. But a more practical use of Bee Formula Superfood Honey is infusing it with your favorite recipes or dishes that call for honey. For example, you can drizzle Superfood Honey over waffles and pancakes, or over granola, and even add it to yogurt! And of course, a tablespoon in your favorite hot tea will give you that added boost of vitality in the morning. In fact, Superfood Honey is an excellent ingredient when making gluten-free morning muffins or simply adding to your favorite cereal.


Where Can I Get Bee Formula Superfood Honey?

You can get a 14oz jar of Bee Formula Superfood Honey through VitasupportMD, the leader in bioflavonoids. So, for that quick burst of energy without added sugars or caffeine, add Bee Formula Superfood Honey to your diet. Try it today…it’s “Nature’s Energy Source!”